== TRA Mission==

Set up and implement a fair, flexible, efficient telecommunications regulatory framework that will:

# Develop the industry through a market-driven environment

# Ensure accessibility to all kinds of services, within limits, for all

# Balance the interests of all stakeholders

# Align with Vision 2020

* About TRA

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Sultanate of Oman was established in 2002, to liberalize and promote

the telecommunications services under the Telecommunications Act which was issued under Royal Decree No. 30/2002. The TRA

is committed to develop the telecommunications sector in the Sultanate by regulating telecom services, promoting the interest of

telecommunications services providers and beneficiaries, and ensuring that consumers receive world class telecommunications

services, with a wide range of choices at affordable prices.

The Authority’s policies and regulations aim at the development of infrastructure and increased private investment in the sector,

which will benefit the Sultanate’s economy and, in turn, its citizens.

*Ways of disseminating of innovationEdit

3.1.2 Mobile Segment Market Share

Source: Mobile Operators & Resellers

The pre-paid subscribers clearly form the bulk of users in the

mobile segment, accounting for 91% of the subscriber base

(3,611,819 pre-paid subscribers), and the rest being accounted

for by post-paid connections of 358,744 subscribers. Customers

find it more convenient to use pre-paid services since they have

more control over their usage and spending.

Figure 3 gives us an indication of the market share (in terms of

number of subscribers) of various mobile service providers in


Despite the introduction of mobile resellers in the market, Oman

Mobile and Nawras still hold the dominant market share in

Oman. It is however worthy to take note of the fact that resellers

have been in the market for a little over six months, and have

already captured a share of around 6.5%.

On the other hand, the market share gap between Nawras and

Oman Mobile is closing, since Nawras’ pre-paid subscribers

are continuing to grow at a very fast pace. Resellers’ subscriber

base has increased rapidly from 3,586 to 234,054 subscribers

during nine months, from April to December 2009.

*International Roaming

International roaming is a service that enables beneficiaries

to continue using their local mobile phone connection while

travelling outside the Sultanate. Users may continue using

services such as voice calls, video calls, SMS, MMS and

internet browsing, while being on the same mobile number, and

receiving one bill. This service is enabled by way of bilateral

agreements which are commercially negotiated between

mobile network operators in Oman, and their counterparts in

foreign countries. These agreements contain, among other

things, the charges which the visited operator levies for utilizing

its network for the roaming service to its travelling beneficiaries.

*Scope of the Universal Services

TRA believes that the availability of the following set of basic

communications services throughout the country will be in

support of the Government Development Strategy 2020. This

set of services (‘Scope of Universal Service’) comprises of the


1. Basic voice services

2. Functional internet access at minimum speeds of 28 KB/s,

to be upgraded to Broadband access at a minimum speed

of 2 MB/s, within a maximum period of 3 years from the date

of issuance of the USO license

3. Broadband services with a minimum speed of 2 Mbps to

all government institutions such as schools, health centers,

Government offices and post offices etc, in a phased

approach by region or area

4. Operator services such as fault reporting should be free of

charge and directory enquiries must be cost based

5. Emergency services access such as police, fire, ambulance

& coastguard to be made available free of charge

*Radio Frequency Spectrum

TRA’s broad mission in managing the spectrum is to facilitate

the development and use of world–class telecommunications

infrastructure, technologies and services for the purpose of

enhancing Oman’s competitiveness, economic growth and

quality of life. The key highlights below provide a snapshot of

TRA’s pricing policy and approach towards Spectrum utilisation:

• Maximize public benefit of radio spectrum

• Make adequate provisions for public and community services

• Encourage use of efficient radio technologies

• Support Government communications policy objectives

• Rely on market forces to ensure economically efficient use of

spectrum (promote competition)

• Maximum flexibility to respond to market forces


*Telecom Equipment Type Approval and

Registered Cyber Cafes:

To further protect the consumers and telecom equipment

users, the TRA ensures that all telecom equipment is checked

and type approved before it is imported to the Sultanate.

Individuals or business interested in importing and selling

telecom equipment have to be registered dealers. The number

of new registered dealers during 2009 was 319.

*Educational Competition

As part of the Authority’s social responsibility to the community

to enhance the consumers awareness of the telecom services, in

December 2009, the TRA launched an educational competition

for schools, universities and college students on ‘The Role of

Telecommunications on Social and Economic Development

(Telecommunications for better life)’. The launching was held

under the auspices of Dr Ali bin Saud al Bimani,

Exhibitions, COMEX & Khareef Salalah Tourism


Festival 2009

In line with its continuous efforts to enhance consumers’

awareness on matters of its domain, TRA participates

annually at major local exhibitions and festivals. In 2009, TRA

participated in COMEX, the annual IT, Telecom & Technology

exhibition, as one of its main organizers. The other local event

that the Authority sponsored and participated at was the Salalah

Tourism Festival. The TRA sponsored and participated at both

events for the fourth consecutive year.

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